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Sunday, April 10, 2005

I Love Trivia, so here is a little, ENJOY!

Question: Name the four settings on a phaser. Answer: Stun, Disrupt, Chamber Overload, Heat, Dematerialize. (Okay, so there were five.)

Question: What happened on October 7, 1582? Answer: Nothing. There wasn't an October 7th in 1582. They switched from the Gregorian to Julian calendars, and skipped from the 4th to the 15th.

Question: On what day, month and year-- exactly-- do the events shown in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" take place, and how can you tell? Answer: August 9th, 1974. When Brad and Janet are in the car during the rainstorm, Nixon's resignation speech is heard on the radio.

Question: What product advertises that it "whitens teeth as it freshens breath"? Answer: Milk-Bone Dog Biscuits

Question: Why is there no Nobel Prize for Mathematics? Answer: Because Alfred Nobel's wife had an affair with a mathematician

Question: Little Italy is in New York City. Little Tokyo is in Los Angeles. Little Rock is in Arkansas. And Little Elvis is in Memphis. WHERE in Memphis is Little Elvis? Answer: In his coffin, between his legs.

Question: What is the greatest cause of death among animals? Answer: Being eaten

Question: Who held the U.S. patent for the lunchbox? Answer: Lawrence Welk.

Question: What is the only U.S. national landmark on wheels? Answer: San Francisco's cable cars.

Question: On what two days are the most photocopies made in the United States? Answer: April 14th, and April 15th aka Taxes Due

Question: What is the most numerous domesticated animal in the United States? Answer: The honeybee.

Question: Where does the line, "Hate makes you impotent, love makes you crazy, somewhere in between you can survive" come from? Answer: The last line of the BOOK, "Throw Momma From The Train."

Question: The Nazis were understandably anxious to kill Churchill, Roosevelt, or Stalin. However, when the Nazis were told by their hired spies, several weeks in advance, that the three were meeting in nearby Casablanca, the Third Reich did nothing. Why? Answer: The Nazis' spies were Spanish. Thus, when the Germans were told the meeting was in "Casablanca," they translated that to mean that the big three were meeting at the "White House," in Washington D.C.

Question: The Beach Boys recorded a song called "Never Learn Not To Love." The song was written by a non-Beach Boy, whom Dennis Wilson called "the most tuned-in dude I ever met." Name this tuned-in dude. Answer: Charles Manson.

Question: What mathematical importance does Robert Recorde have? Answer: He's the inventor of the "equals" sign (=).

Question: In the very first episode, what character gets described as a "famous scientist and well-known Scoutmaster"? Answer: The Professor, on "Gilligan's Island."

Question: What Nobel laureate was offered, and declined, the Presidency of Israel? Answer: Albert Einstein.

Question: What went wrong with the overseas campaign for Pepsi-Cola in Thailand? Answer: Pepsi's slogan was "Come alive, you're the Pepsi generation." Translated into Thai, it claimed "Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the grave."

Question: There is one major sport in the U.S. that has two official balls, sometimes both used during the same game. Which sport, and why? Answer: Football-- a left-handed and a right-handed ball.

Question: Can you name the first U.S. President with four names? Answer: (Hiram) Ulysses (Simpson) Grant

Question: The populations of India, Sri Lanka, Great Britain, Iceland, Israel, Pakistan, and Norway are the only peoples to have done what? Answer: Elect a female head of government.